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After reading ‘Your iPod took my seat’ along with many other articles on offer in the web links section of WebCT, I have found myself almost thinking that university lecturers do not want to embrace the new technologies due to student absenteeism in the classroom. Many students are skipping classes because the material is freely available before and after classes, so the students think ‘why bother’, however the lecturers need to learn a way to embrace the technologies on offer.

I have used many Web 2.0 tools in the classroom in particular podcasting, my project last year was to make podcasts of the timetable chart, we implemented this in a p-2 role where we made a rap for each times table and podcasted it into garageband, an application on the apple mac.

For Secondary

For secondary school students, podcasting can be used quite well to integrate into almost any class, and can be used to review and discuss other aspects of the course that the teachers educate. For example physics teachers can use podcasting to further extend students, help struggling students and help deliver a more effective classroom both in class and out of class.

For Primary

Students can use podcasts to deliver information during classes, for example during reading classes, students can podcast their material on audacity and then save it as a podcast, the teacher can then review this and give comment to the students.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to keep in contact with students podcasts, or vice versa, because you can subsribe to the podcasts via iTunes, here is a demonstration below.

Podcasting: Taking control of the Media

This video demonstrates how Social Media is overtaking the Media as the next generation of information. It is instantaneous, unbiased (depending on the podcaster) and more relevant (in some cases) to the Media outlets such as the Herald Sun, The Age etc