From E to M learning – Online Delivery on the your Phone/Open Source Awesomeness!

Posted: 18/10/2010 in Week 10

From E to M learning

The article is about the Norwegian Knowledge Institute’s (NKI) development and research into the online learning model or the ‘Distance Learning Model’.
After reading this article on  going from E learning to M Learning, I can see the potential of this software in use at universities and institutions. M Learning or mobile learning is the ability of downloading pdfs on your phones, pda’s to read and discuss. The problem with this technology is obviously being screen size. This software was to be implemented on their LMS for the needs of the students (2007). 

The potential for this is exponential in my opinion. Thanks to the iPad, I see a cross between E and M learning taking place in the next few years. The reason behind this is that the iPad is like a giant iPhone, thus it cannot be considered an M learning hardware, but in the same token in my opinion cannot be considered a truly E learning tool either. The upside to having a device capable of having wifi/3g inbuilt, can be used as an e-reader and have apps realidy available to it is huge. In my opinion if the iPad 2.0 when released has a few bits and pieces added to it namely a camera, USB port, I see this device taking over netbooks competely.

When this happens watch out microsoft! I see universities picking up this technology and having streaming lectures, interactive tutes and using the devices as portable lecture tutorials where students can engage with the class and the lecturer at the same time.

Open Source Tools

Since I am an Apple Mac person I feel that as a point of difference to everyone else I will review some programs for the apple mac which are freeware or open sourced. However the reviews I will be making are available on both the PC and Mac – except for Handbrake. The first open souce program will talk about is actually available on both programs and that is the internet browser Mozilla Firefox.

It is described as The premier free, open-source browser. Tabs, pop-up blocking, themes, and extensions. Considered by many to be the world’s best browser.

I really dislike internet explorer, I believe that it is slow and suspect to spyware, viruses and malware. So Firefox is a good browser to use if you want a reliable internet browser which is free.

The next free software I will be discussing is:


Handbrake is a DVD ripper and MPEG-4 / H.264 encoding. Very simple to use.

People on apple mac use Handbrake if they are to copy a DVD that they have legally purchased as a backup for their existing DVD. Many people use this software to back up DVDs on their computers that they have purchased in CD form.


VLC is a media player which is freely available online. Plays more video files than most players: Quicktime, AVI, DIVX, OGG, and more. Pretty good interface.

This media player is not just a normal media player, it plays many formats that are not recognised in conventional players.

Last but not least is Open Office

OpenOffice is a full-featured, office suite compatible with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. Friends don’t let friends pay for Microsoft Office.

Openoffice is an awesome office package and is free. It has a word processor, Excel, powerpoint and database inbuilt. It comes from the same people which designed Java. The great thing about OpenOffice is that it is compatibe with Microsoft office and you can even save you work as .doc (work document), which is great.


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