The Future of eLearning in Higher Education R.E: Self Evaluation

Posted: 19/08/2010 in Week 3

Week 3 – Self Reflection Tests

The learning style indicator test showed what learning style we are through a website forum, however I do feel that this a bad example for a learning style website.

This indicates a visual learning style. Visual learners will probably have the easiest time with online learning since much of the material is still in the written form.

This indicates a facilitator teaching style where formative evaluation and student reflection are essential elements. A principle goal of the facilitator is to enable students to become skilled at self-evaluation and be able to use their evaluations to improve their learning.

I believe I am highly skilled in eLearning, I am able to use it in my teaching as an educator and keep up to date with the latest websites and information on the internet. I am subscribed to many online forums, both educational and social. In my teaching in both Primary and Secondary I use ICT to formulate engaging technology for the students to use.

With my answers to the learning indicator tests, I believe it is faily accurate, however I do not like that the answers pop up after every question, this makes the website quite confusing to understand. A better way would be in the form of a questionnaire where you click submit and it tells you what you are.

This is what I got on

Your score is 92%. Sign me up!

You are a great candidate for online teaching. We hope you will fill out our online application form.

Below is a detailed analysis of the results of your quiz

Analysis of your results

Experience in the online learning environment and qualifications:
If you have had first-hand experience as an online student, you will likely have greater insight into your own online students’ needs and a better understanding of special requirements of the online environment.

Experience using the Internet and the Web to enhance your teaching in the traditional classroom can be a good first step to teaching entirely online.

Teaching style and habits needed to teach online:
The online facilitator should be open, concerned, flexible, and sincere. An online instructor must be able to compensate for the lack of physical presence in the virtual classroom by creating a supportive environment where all students feel comfortable participating and especially where students know that their instructor is accessible. Failure to do this can alienate the class both from each other and from the instructor and would make a very weak learning environment. Online students are as busy, or busier than anyone else in today’s hurried world. The students are the customers and are expecting to be treated as such. An online instructor should be willing to give individual attention to students who may need extra help. Being sensitive, open and flexible is not an option, it is a requirement.

A successful online facilitator should feel comfortable communicating in writing. The face-to-face contact traditionally available in a classroom setting is gone in the online learning process. The ability to verbally communicate is replaced with a keyboard, and this communication is intense and demanding. An online instructor must feel good about communicating in writing because that is a base element in the process.

This was an interesting way of looking at how confident I am in using ICT, I thought I actually would have been more than 92% confident, however I think this had to do with me answering that I would not like to do an online course, rather coming to lectures instead. I actually prefer the interaction, and feel more motivated when I go ‘into’ uni rather than a pure online course.

The Future of eLearning in Higher Education

If I was to take a course, I believe my best style of learning would be a mixed mode (online/blended), this would be so because personally I need substance to my learning. Because I am a visual learner I need to be able to see the product or thing which I am studying and need to see the lecturer explaining things. i believe I am half way between an auditory/visual learner.

This indicates a visual learning style. Visual learners will probably have the easiest time with online learning since much of the material is still in the written form.

This was the answer which popped up most in my test however the auditory learning style popped up four times where visual popped up five times.

Future of Online Learning

The article ‘Future of Online Learning’ is a reflection of how ‘educated society’ sees ICT and the trend towards ‘Blended’ and ‘Online’ classes. Personally I believe that both have its merits, and I believe that ICT is integral to today’s society, however I still am of the view that, as an educator and a student to that respect that ‘class time’ is still important in education.

Advances in Internet
technology (for example,
greatly extended bandwidth
and wireless Internet
connections) are likely
to increase the use of
multimedia and interactive
simulations or games in
online learning

This statement is a very powerful one, because it reflects again the ‘Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants’ debate that is going on at the moment. In University (and I will provide an anecdotal story to substantiate this),t here was a engineering lecturer which developed a new program to be used in Engineering, this program was fantastic and would revolutionise the way that not only the course would be done, but engineering as well. However there was one problem, it was a program which involved alot of new buttons, gadgets etc. So the Digital Natives of the world decided to build this program into a ‘Game Platform’ similar to DOOM and WOLFENSTEIN 3D.

This paved the way for Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to learn a new piece of technology relevant to their career (which mind you had over 200 commands) in a simple game platform (shooter), which would 1. Engage the masses and 2. Actually help them with their careers.

According to the article, the trend will be towards Online Education as ‘THE PREMIER’ teaching facility, and not only that, but we will get better results because of it. I however tend to disagree, and believe that we will get the most out of a ‘blended curriculum’, because I believe laziness will get the better of society if all they need to do is get up, turn on the computer and watch a lecture.

Please feel free to watch this short You tube video on what school could be like in the future….SCARY!


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