Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Posted: 29/07/2010 in Week 1

Hello fellow bloggers,

This is week 1 of my blog in which I will discuss how web 2.0 has revolutionised the way that we use the internet today. In class we had presented to us a taste of web 1.0 vs. web 2.0. We discussed how web 2.0 has taken off, its history and understanding of the way we see it today. If you would like to know a bit about my history please click on the following link;

Here are some examples of web 2.0 tools that are used in everyday life. In the last 10 years these tools have revolutionised the way we interact;

As you can see, these are just four of many websites that have captivated the public imagination and the way we use the internet. In the next section of my blog I will be referencing to the documentation on webct under week 1 – If you want to view this please visit http://webct.vu.edu.au.

P.N. To be able to access WebCT you must be a registered student of AEG5018.

ICT Week 1 – Document (PDF)

The basic understanding of the notes of week 1 can be broken down into three sections.

1. WWW origins

2. Networks

3. The birth of Web 2.0

In this class we discussed how the internet works in today’s society through the use of a fibre optic system to the USA. We discussed how LAN and WAN systems work and the emergence of the WWW.

Web 1.0 was a GUI that started at the birth of the internet. The Web 1.0 pages were very much text driven and very tedious in their delivery. However at the time revolutionary.

In my opinion the emergence of Web 2.0 has come through the emergence of broadband speed networks. For myspace users, as I was one, I found it extremely frustrating when updating my page at the 56K speeds that I had at my disposal at the time. MySpace, Hi5 and Bebo were revolutionary websites because they allowed people to interconnect with one another on a website. WIth broadband speeds people were able to post more and more information about themselves culminating in HTML coding becoming almost second nature to most adolescent teenagers customary for MySpace backgrounds. (on a seperate issue this was one of the first real emergences of spam and trojan horses, but this conversation is for another day).

The internet really gave life to a global way of life. I remember when the internet first came out the in thing was mIRC, which was an IRC chat platform, in which you could communicate with people all over Australia and the world. I distinctly remember chatting away to students of Mercy College (A Catholic Girls school), when I was a teenager and thinking that it was the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Web 2.0 is very much engrained into everyday life, right now I am using a blog, updating my Facebook and Twitter and watching a youtube clip. Web 2.0 is amazing. What will they think of next?

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